bullet imagebullet imageChicken and duck eggs from free range birds!

Muscovy ducks = Cairina Moschata Domestica !

Mixed chicken breeds.

Ungraded eggs.

They eat grass, corn, wheat, lettuce, boiled pasta , and vitamins!

Free range, no hormones, and no antibiotics. Wonderfull mothers and exceptional egg production.   

  I don’t feed them laying mash because it interacts with nature’s way.

    They need to form their egg pouch naturally and rest before the forming of the next pouch.         Lay-in mash does hurry this process, they have no rest, they became weak, and prone to               diseases.

   My Muscovy ducks are raised the same as my chickens. Their eggs are x-large. These birds are considered Kosher. They have grass all the time  and clean water. They have considerably less  meatfat then regular ducks and their eggs have more flavor.

All my birds are multiplying naturally, no incubators, and are raised by their mothers.

Fertile chicken eggs available. Each egg is checked for fertility.

   Order, and come to pick them up!  

                                                                                       HOW TO BUY:

               E-mail for ordering and to get the address for pick up:

                          Email for buying through pay pal:

   eggs TO EAT for                pick up:

12 Chicken regular size eggs = $ 6.00

12 Chicken small size eggs = $ 5.00

6 Muscovy Duck Egg = $ 6.00

12 Muscovy duck eggs = $ 12.00

If there are more orders of the same item in the same time the earlier order will be filled first and the following orders will go on the waiting list. Thank you for buying.

Shipping included in price and will be priority mail 2-3 days delivery. 



      fertile eggs for               pick up:

   12 Chicken regular size eggs  = $ 15.00 

   12 Chicken small size eggs  = $ 15.00

    6 Muscovy duck eggs = $ 20.00

   12 Muscovy duck eggs = $ 35.00

6 Fertile Muscovy duck hatching eggs rare ripples & all colors


12 Fertile Muscovy duck hatching eggs rare ripples & all colors


24 Fertile Muscovy duck hatching eggs rare ripples & all colors